Are you a leader, manager or business owner looking for lasting impact and influence for you and your team?

Global gravitas expert and author, Antoinette Dale Henderson provides you with the confidence and skills to accelerate your leadership potential and achieve results.

Why is Gravitas important for today’s leaders?

For anyone serious about their career, there comes a time when titles, skills, qualifications and likability are no longer what it takes to get on.
When what’s needed is an extra spark to ignite progression to the next level.

For leaders today, creating a personal brand that people take seriously is critical for success. You could be the best in your business, but if people don’t know who you are, you won’t get the recognition you deserve.


What is Gravitas?

Gravitas is the number one leadership skill for business success. Building gravitas enables people to command respect, communicate with confidence and stand out from the crowd. In a competitive environment, people who know how to accelerate their gravitas get promoted more
quickly, build stronger relationships, win more business and get better results.

Key benefits of accelerating Gravitas

Taking part in the Gravitas Programme has long-lasting, transformational results. Some have even called our Masterclasses ‘life changing’.
Leaders and business owners are able to:

  • Communicate with confidence, credibility and authority
  • Know the secrets of making a powerful impact and owning a room
  • Understand their personal brand and how to raise their profile
  • Deliver memorable presentations and keynote speeches
  • Handle challenging conversations with ease
  • Positively influence sales pitches

Gravitas for INDIVIDUALS

If you are serious about accelerating your potential and communicating with confidence and credibility, the Gravitas Programme is for you.

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The Gravitas Programme is a unique, results-proven model which includes powerful techniques to accelerate your leadership potential.

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Gravitas for WOMEN

The goal of the Gravitas for Women Programme is to provide you with the confidence to present authentically and assertively to the world.

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As featured in...

Resources to improve your Gravitas

Gravitas Profiling

Take the online Gravitas Assessment to profile your current gravitas and access your personalised Gravitas Report, packed with guidance on what you can do to enhance your gravitas.

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Gravitas Masterclass

Join us at the next Gravitas Masterclass and accelerate your leadership potential.

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Gravitas Coaching

Sign up for Gravitas Coaching with a qualified Gravitas Coach. Prices availabe on request.

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6 Keys to Gravitas

Download a 60 minute video tutorial focusing on tips to fast track your gravitas.

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Leading with Gravitas
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