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February 2018

One in five women say they’ve been sexually harassed at work. Here’s how to avoid the situation…
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If you think back over your career, how many mentors do you think helped get you to where you are today? And was it significant that they were men or women?

I talk more about this on the Gravitas blog today - do have a read and let me know your thoughts.

Did you see the recent article in Management Today: A Leader’s Guide To Winning Hearts And Minds? It is a great read and talks about the power of persuasion, consideration and loss aversion in great leadership. A welcome reminder currently!

Today I am back delivering my second sold out accredited Gravitas Masterclass for the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine alongside fabulous facilitator, Kate Craven.
Thanks so much for the lovely words regarding the first session - I can’t wait to share some Gravitas magic ✨

I’m so excited even though I'm acting like a mad woman talking to myself rehearsing my talk 🗣
There are still tickets left if you fancy a full day of inspiration, challenge and change with 15 brilliant speakers.

Are you a manager that looks after a team? If so, how’s your feedback model? Is feedback a big part of your management style?

I ask because there was a great article in @Entrepreneur last week about The Lost Leadership Art of Positive Feedback.

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