Gravitas And Accents

I am always fascinated by accents and which hold the most gravitas. There have been a number of studies recently on who has the ‘best’ or ‘most sexy’ accents in the UK, with the latest from Big 7 Travel which found that the top five are Essex, Northern Irish, Glaswegian, Queen’s English and Mancunian and Read More >

Seeing the World through Someone Else’s Eyes

We recently went on a family trip to the Tate Modern. My eldest daughter, Zoe, is doing a project on surrealism and she wanted to see the art with her own two eyes. We came across the Magritte picture below. “What do you see?”, I asked the family. What came back was a diverse tapestry Read More >

Changing Your Head

Earlier this week, my daughter Mia woke up on what she refers to as the wrong side of the bed. She proceeded to bury herself under the bedclothes, making it quite clear to anyone who approached what kind of mood she was in. The rest of the family decided to tread carefully and wait until Read More >

Twist or Stick

Escaping from the limbo-land of indecision I recently went along to an evening seminar with Robert Dilts called Twist or Stick. He talked about, as in the card game, we are continually faced with choices to either act, or not act. He observed that people may be more prone to ‘twist’, take action, get things Read More >

In pursuit of excellence

Earlier this week, my brother Luke Dale-Roberts won a prize for outstanding excellence in his field. A year after opening his own restaurant in Cape Town, he won South African Chef of the Year and his restaurant, The Test Kitchen came in at number two. Luke’s approach to excellence – his winning formula – is Read More >

Great Customer Service… the Mary Portas way

I love Mary Portas. I love her style, her no-nonsense approach and her business savvy. What I’ve loved about her latest series, Mary Portas: Secret Shopper, is that she’s moved beyond the shop environment and into the customers’ world. It’s been a one-woman crusade to change the way people in Britain shop: raising our expectations Read More >

Are you really listening?

I’ve been struck over the past week by how many people have expressed frustration at not being heard – by their boss, team members, business contacts, family or significant other. I’ve also been conscious of the number of times I haven’t given loved ones the attention they deserve, because I’ve been wrapped up in my Read More >

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