Goodbye to the Perfect Personal Brand

Do you care what people think, really? I dare say that most of us do to some extent, but problems arise when other peoples’ potential opinions about us negatively impact our self-esteem and actions. This can be as basic as not wearing a brightly coloured dress or shirt for fear of attracting the wrong kind Read More >


Is there someone in your workplace who frequently makes you seethe without raising their voice or even doing that much? Passively aggressive behaviour can be infuriating, but also difficult to spot, which makes it even harder to call out. Unlike blatant aggression which would warrant an official complaint, it can be as subtle as an Read More >

Gender, Inequality and Power: from awareness to action

Gender equality is – thankfully – being spoken about more and more in all sectors.  It seems that, finally, organisations are realising that there are not enough women at the top table and that something needs to be done about it. Of course, many individuals and organisations are hugely behind, whether because it suits those Read More >

Criticism And How To Deal With It

In our professional and personal lives, we all experience knockbacks and criticism from time to time – sometimes we haven’t prepared as well for a presentation or meeting as we should have, or we didn’t land our point in the right way. Maybe it was something we said or did that needed calling out. It Read More >

Want To Be A Better Speaker?

I’ve just spent the weekend at the Professional Speaking Association’s annual convention. It was a joy to be on the other side of the stage for once and an excellent opportunity to learn some gold dust tips from some of the world’s best. Here are some of my favourites for anyone who wants to raise Read More >

Leading with Gravitas: unlock the six keys to impact and influence

Have you noticed that there are some people who capture the attention of everyone in a room, through their magnetism and energy? People who ignite ideas, inspire action and command respect, while appearing calm and in control of their surroundings? It’s likely they’ve learnt the secret of gravitas: the elusive leadership ingredient that everyone wants, Read More >

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