How Do You Raise Your Profile without Sounding Like a Show Off?

Unfortunately, just being good and having the skills and expertise needed for your role isn’t enough to stand out and ensure you are getting the opportunities and growth you deserve. The need to ‘do your own PR’ is becoming increasingly relevant for leaders who want to progress, as it’s what will differentiate you and get Read More >

“Being Extra”- What To Do If You’re Told You’re ‘Too Much’

The other day, I was delivering a keynote to a room full of people and about half way through, broke off to ask the audience: “Why is developing gravitas important for career development?” Answers which came back included: “It gives me greater personal impact and visibility”; “It lets me have more influence”; “It enables me to raise Read More >

Gender, Inequality and Power: from awareness to action

Gender equality is – thankfully – being spoken about more and more in all sectors.  It seems that, finally, organisations are realising that there are not enough women at the top table and that something needs to be done about it. Of course, many individuals and organisations are hugely behind, whether because it suits those Read More >

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