Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, manager or leader looking to increase your confidence and personal impact?

If you are serious about accelerating your potential, the Gravitas Programme is for you. We have designed a range of solutions that you can access to develop this powerful business skill, so that you can fulfil your potential and achieve results the results you deserve.

Gravitas Masterclasses

The Gravitas Masterclass is a unique workshop that’s open to business owners, entrepreneurs, senior managers and leaders who would like to fulfil their leadership potential and communicate with authority and conviction.

Based on the Gravitas Wheel©, an evidence-based model which profiles the six components of Gravitas, the Masterclass combines the best of leadership research, behavioural psychology, neuroscience and performance techniques. This is no vanilla, cookie-cutter course. Every session is 100% tailored to the individuals in the room and places are limited to ensure everyone receives maximum feedback and tailored coaching.

  • Leaders who are facing challenging situations and need to increase their impact and influence
  • Business owners who are looking to enhance their impact as ‘the face’ of their organisation
  • Senior managers who have the technical expertise but need confidence to fulfil their leadership potential
  • Rising stars who may be perceived as inexperienced because of their age
  • People who have reached a plateau in their career and are looking for a boost to maximise their potential

What you get:

Gravitas Masterclass: a one-day workshop OR two-hour online course for lasting success
Gravitas Manual: a comprehensive workbook full of gravitas tips and techniques
FREE Gravitas Profiling: complimentary access to the Gravitas Profiling Tool and Personalised Report (usual price £35.00)

If you are interested in commissioning an in-house Gravitas Programme for your organisation, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


The Gravitas Masterclasses are run regularly throughout the year. We offer a range of Packages to suit everyone’s requirements. All Packages include a place on the Masterclass, access to the Gravitas Profiling Tool & Report (which assesses your gravitas and provides bespoke guidance on maximising strengths) and a copy of Leading with Gravitas. The Platinum Package includes one follow up coaching session with a Gravitas Coach and the Diamond Package includes a programme of three follow up coaching sessions.

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Please contact us for our self-funded rates if you are paying for the course yourself.

Upcoming Open Courses:

Packages Place on Masterclass Gravitas Profiling Assessment & Report Copy of Leading with Gravitas One x 121 Coaching Session Three x 121 Coaching Sessions Price Ex VAT Dates & Booking
2 places
tick tick tick £245


2nd July 2020 - BOOK

16 October 2020 - BOOK
1 place
tick tick tick £295


2nd July 2020 - BOOK

16 October 2020 - BOOK
1 place
tick tick tick tick £495


2nd July 2020 - BOOK

16 October 2020 - BOOK
1 place
tick tick tick tick £595


2nd July 2020 - BOOK

16 October 2020 - BOOK

To book a bespoke in-house Gravitas Programme for your organisation, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Gravitas Profiling

The Gravitas Assessment is a unique three step process to develop your gravitas. Designed by Antoinette Dale Henderson, author of Leading with Gravitas, the Assessment is based on global research into the six qualities shared by leaders with gravitas, as shown in the Gravitas Wheel©. Once you have completed your Gravitas Assessment you will receive a Gravitas Report including an analysis of your gravitas profile and tailored guidance on what you can do to develop each segment of the Gravitas Wheel, depending on whether it’s a strength or area of development. Using the Report in this way will enable you to build stronger working relationships, raise your profile and maximise your personal impact.

Price: £35.00 or free of charge as part of Gravitas Masterclass


Gravitas Coaching

Signing up for a one to one coaching programme with a qualified Gravitas Coach is an excellent way to fast-track your development.
Using the Gravitas Wheel© as your guide, you will explore the six qualities you can maximise to fulfil your leadership potential and receive expert guidance on the changes you can make to enhance your impact and influence. Although every coaching programme is tailored to the individual, themes that are typically covered include:

  • Strategies for defining your leadership brand and visibility
  • Techniques for communicating with confidence and credibility
  • Delivering winning presentations and pitches
  • Building relationships and networking with confidence
  • Mastering career transitions: from manager to leader; from leader to board

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6 Keys to Gravitas: Video Tutorial

This comprehensive guide, including 60 minutes of interviews, videos, illustrations and expert advice on maximising your gravitas will be available to purchase soon.

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