Know your strengths and fulfil your potential: a simple three step process to assess your gravitas

What is the Gravitas Assessment?

The Gravitas Assessment is a unique three step process that’s been designed by Antoinette Dale Henderson, author of Leading with Gravitas, to profile your gravitas. Developing gravitas in this way will ensure you are playing to your strengths and enhance your ability to communicate with confidence.

The Assessment is based on global research into the six qualities shared by leaders with gravitas, as shown in the six segments of the Gravitas Wheel©. The most successful people are able to draw on each component of the Wheel to build stronger working relationships, raise their profile and maximise their personal impact.

Once you have completed your Gravitas Assessment you will receive a personalised Gravitas Report including an analysis of your gravitas profile and what you can do to develop each segment of the Gravitas Wheel, based on whether it’s a strength for you or an area of development.

The Assessment
incorporates a simple three-step process

Gravitas Wheel

Click on the interactive Gravitas Wheel to indicate how you would like to be performing against each segment.

Gravitas Profile

Complete the online profile to measure how you are currently performing against each segment of the Wheel.

Access Your Report

Your Report will include the results of your Gravitas Profile and personalised guidance on what you can do to develop further.

Ready to Improve Your Gravitas?

The three step Gravitas Assessment including your online profiling and a personalised Gravitas Report is £35.00

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