Leading with Gravitas

Unlock the six keys to impact and influence

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Want to get taken more seriously as a leader?
Wondering how to stand out from the competition?
Ready for promotion but don’t know how to make it?

Gravitas is the #1 skill for business success.
People with gravitas lead better, manage better, present better and network better.
The great news is, it can be learnt.

This powerful book teaches you six steps you can take to:

Raise your profile in a competitive environment
Communicate with confidence and credibility
Use your body language and voice to increase impact
Overcome nerves and handle challenging conversations
Packed with practical tools, exercises and case studies,
the book has been developed based on global research into what works for today’s leaders.

After reading this book you will know how to:

Hold your own in high stakes meetings and conference calls
Deliver powerful presentations that resonate with your audiences
Get noticed and remembered for the right reasons when networking

…all while staying true to who you are and your purpose as a leader

Never be talked over,
walked over
or passed over again

What People Say....

"People are often told that to progress in their careers they need to develop gravitas, but very few are given the direction and support to do this. This book is a must read for anyone taking on a new role or looking to fine tune their leadership skills."

Anna Parfitt, Head of HR, Oliver Bonas

"The insight Antoinette brings to the areas of impact and gravitas are significant. I’d highly recommend not only reading her thoughts – but trying them – I assure you it’ll make a difference!"

Catherine Cape, Head of T&D for Service Centre Europe, Deutsche Bank

"This will be very helpful to a broad senior management segment who are looking to move into senior leadership roles."

Shrey Viranna, CEO, Discovery Health

"This book will give you the practical tools to realise your goals: a wonderful resource for getting on in life."

Margot James, Member of Parliament for Stourbridge UK

"A must read with good reference material you will come back to over and over again."

Mobina Salahuddin, Senior Manager, Deloitte UK

"There is no doubt that gravitas is needed in abundance right now and the good news is that it can be learnt. I encourage you to read this and to take the learning Antoinette offers on board."

Sue Knight, author of NLP at Work

"This book is full of useful information and thought provoking exercises. It has a clear framework and is easy to read. I particularly benefited from the section on connection, it has given me some great tactics and clear strategies for next time I’m networking."

Duncan Bhaskaran Brown, Chair, National Network of Civic Leaders

"Some books have great content but are a difficult read. Others are entertaining but leave you dissatisfied. Leading with Gravitas is packed with hard-hitting practical insights into the behaviours that drive success. This gem of a book draws a clear roadmap of what to do to develop our own gravitas and leadership skills."

Justin Collinge, Director, Tao Leadership

"Too many people confuse management with leadership. Too many leaders lack gravitas. This book helps unlock the leader inside. If you only buy one personal development book this year, make it this one."

Iain Moone, Head of Service, Siemens

"This is a book that delivers exactly what it promises - tools and techniques to build up your gravitas across six key areas of influence and impact. Antoinette writes authentically - and the result is highly practical. I love the way she explores how the six parts of the 'Gravitas Wheel' impact on each other. If you're looking for tools, this is a great book."

Kimberley Hare, Owner, Kaizen Training

"This is the first time I have been able to truly understand what gravitas (an often over/miss used word) actually is! The author not only explains it clearly but identifies how it can be put into practice. Seriously good work."

Scott Verney, CEO, SubSea Craft Ltd.

"A practical and clear book. What a relief after some of the recent books I have read on leadership and leading. Never too far from my desk, it is nice to go back to it or dip into it at odd moments. If you want a no-nonsense book about leadership then this is for you."

Robert Craven, Founder, Grow Your Digital Agency

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