If You Can’t Stand The Heat – Dealing With Conflict 

How are you with conflict? Do you walk knowingly into it and see it as an inevitable part of life, or do you do anything in your power to avoid it? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Conflict is unavoidable in the workplace, there will always be personality clashes, differences in opinion passionately expressed and issues around hierarchy, but it’s how you deal with it that Read More >

Why Gestures Are Important for Gravitas

Are you a gesturer? Do you talk with your hands and express yourself through your movements as well as your voice? A lot of us do and many of us do it subconsciously – it’s only when we see a video played back that we realise how much by. We’ve all experienced the extreme gesticulator who Read More >

Gravitas And Accents

I am always fascinated by accents and which hold the most gravitas. There have been a number of studies recently on who has the ‘best’ or ‘most sexy’ accents in the UK, with the latest from Big 7 Travel which found that the top five are Essex, Northern Irish, Glaswegian, Queen’s English and Mancunian and Read More >

Does Authenticity Matter Anymore?

We’re in the flurry of the Tory leadership race, which is fascinating, terrifying and utterly captivating in equal measure. This isn’t primarily because of the political stance, but from a psychological and Gravitas standpoint watching these characters, some puffing their chests, some retreating into the background, placing their various stakes in the sand. And all Read More >

Showing Emotion In Leadership – The Debate

I recently posted on social media about the image that dominated the press last weekend – that of an emotional Theresa May as she announced her resignation date. It’s had quite an emotional response (!) and so I thought I’d share. I asked the question: when is it appropriate to show emotion as a leader? Read More >

Defiance, Vulnerability and Living with Anxiety: Top Tips from Stella Live

Last week I attending an amazing event run by Stella Magazine with some incredible speakers. First up was Davina McCall whose life has been a series of ups and downs lived out loud in front of the great British public since she burst onto the small screen 20 years ago. My favourite thing she said Read More >

Be Humble?

What do you think of the term ‘IMHO’? Do you use it yourself? And if so, what message are you trying to convey? There is a school of thought that the H stands for Honest, so much so that there’s been a big old Twitter fight about it with the mighty Humble coming out on Read More >

Is Swearing Acceptable At Work?

On social media this week, we discussed the topic of swearing, and in particular swearing at work and if it’s acceptable or if it’s just a massive no, no? If swearing is OK in your workplace, are there any taboos or is it c-bomb central? Swearing is becoming more and more acceptable in traditional and Read More >

Being A Male Leader Post #MeToo

By Steve Henderson, EMEA Business Development Director at Dentsu Aegis Network A couple of years ago, just after the gender pay gap reporting scheme was first announced, I was in the pub with a group of workmates. A female colleague said to me, ‘well, we can all see where this is going – look at Read More >

#BalanceforBetter – Aka Dealing With The Wobble Board

The theme of International Women’s Day (IWD) this year was ‘Balance for Better’ and as they put it: “The future is extremely exciting.” So much has happened just in the past year that has been a force for good –the #MeToo movement calling out inappropriate behaviour, the gender pay gap reporting, the sheer number of Read More >

How To Lose The Invisibility Cloak

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women that wear them will”. Anne Klein When talking about developing their gravitas, a lot of clients I work with ask about their clothing and how they can increase their presence through personal style. I would love to say that it doesn’t matter what you wear, that Read More >

How Do You Raise Your Profile without Sounding Like a Show Off?

Unfortunately, just being good and having the skills and expertise needed for your role isn’t enough to stand out and ensure you are getting the opportunities and growth you deserve. The need to ‘do your own PR’ is becoming increasingly relevant for leaders who want to progress, as it’s what will differentiate you and get Read More >

“Being Extra”- What To Do If You’re Told You’re ‘Too Much’

The other day, I was delivering a keynote to a room full of people and about half way through, broke off to ask the audience: “Why is developing gravitas important for career development?” Answers which came back included: “It gives me greater personal impact and visibility”; “It lets me have more influence”; “It enables me to raise Read More >

When The Nerves Kick In: The Art of Presence

Let me let you into a secret – we all suffer from nerves, even the most confident people, but the key to success is how you deal with them. As 2019 is getting fully underway a lot of us are starting new jobs or accepting new opportunities, which on the one hand fill us with Read More >

The Confidence Kitbag – Getting 2019 Ready

Each December I’m amazed at how quickly the year has gone by – and 2018 has gone by in quite a flash! A wonderfully busy and productive flash but I can’t believe we’ve already reached that time of the year when we traditionally reflect back, plan ahead and set new goals. This time of year Read More >

Goodbye to the Perfect Personal Brand

Do you care what people think, really? I dare say that most of us do to some extent, but problems arise when other peoples’ potential opinions about us negatively impact our self-esteem and actions. This can be as basic as not wearing a brightly coloured dress or shirt for fear of attracting the wrong kind Read More >

How to deal with passive aggressive behaviour

Is there someone in your workplace who frequently makes you seethe without raising their voice or even doing that much? Passively aggressive behaviour can be infuriating, but also difficult to spot, which makes it even harder to call out. Unlike blatant aggression which would warrant an official complaint, it can be as subtle as an Read More >

Gender, Inequality and Power: from awareness to action

Gender equality is – thankfully – being spoken about more and more in all sectors.  It seems that, finally, organisations are realising that there are not enough women at the top table and that something needs to be done about it. Of course, many individuals and organisations are hugely behind, whether because it suits those Read More >

Criticism And How To Deal With It

In our professional and personal lives, we all experience knockbacks and criticism from time to time – sometimes we haven’t prepared as well for a presentation or meeting as we should have, or we didn’t land our point in the right way. Maybe it was something we said or did that needed calling out. It Read More >

Want To Be A Better Speaker?

I’ve just spent the weekend at the Professional Speaking Association’s annual convention. It was a joy to be on the other side of the stage for once and an excellent opportunity to learn some gold dust tips from some of the world’s best. Here are some of my favourites for anyone who wants to raise Read More >

Why Inclusion Is The Key To Success

Earlier this month, I went to the brilliant #onblackheath Festival where the phenomenal Paloma Faith was headlining. She’s a fantastic performer, peppering her songs with stories from her past. One story in particular resonated…she was walking down a street in Hackney, where she grew up, and came across a black man pinned down by a group of police. Read More >

The Right Way to Ask for a Pay Rise

September is often promotions round month. It can also be pay rise month and the time when decision makers start thinking about the end of year bonuses. If that’s the case in your company, or post-holiday you’re thinking of giving your career a boost, here are some top tips for making sure you get paid Read More >

The Changing Face of Leadership – And Where Gravitas Fits In

In all aspects of life, change is accelerating faster than ever before. The moment you’ve got your shiny new iPhone out of the box, Apple brings out a new one to tempt you. No sooner you’ve wrapped your head around the latest organisational changes, more are on the horizon. This results in an unrelenting demand Read More >

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