New book for every woman who wants to unleash her potential

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Struggling to get your voice heard?

Not getting the recognition you deserve?

Want more confidence and motivation at work?

You are not alone. According to research conducted by CMI:

83% of women have witnessed women struggling to make their views heard
85% of women have heard inappropriate remarks at work
61% have seen gender bias in pay and rewards

Power Up: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Unleashing Her Potential
is THE book for ambitious women who want to have their voice heard.
Based on a real world understanding of challenges faced by women everywhere, it will leave readers with increased motivation and the confidence to achieve success.

This isn’t about faking it til you make it. It’s not about putting your big girl pants on, growing a pair or manning up. It’s about becoming the most impactful and successful version of you.
Power Up will show you how to unleash your potential with practical, actionable tools to maximise your strengths and get your voice heard. After reading this book, you'll never be talked over, walked over or passed over again.
I want to empower all women, in all parts of society, to be confident in their own abilities. Imagine what we could achieve collectively. We can all learn how to step into our own version of power.

Antoinette Dale Henderson

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